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Car Window Tinting: Potential Benefits for Your Vehicle

Dec 6

You've just purchased a brand new vehicle or SUV with tinted windows. Are you confident that you're ready to go on a trip? Please don't jump to conclusions. It's possible that tinted factory tinted glass may not be the best option. Many people believe that tinted factory glass is sufficient, and that professional window tinting isn't needed.


Your car is your declaration of style and status. Choose the best tinting in San Diego to make your car stand out! Tinted windows allow for better visibility and protection against harmful UV rays. This can cause paint to fade or discolor on shiny surfaces, such as clear-coat finishes. Nobody wants their vehicle to look dull after a single season outside. Don't be afraid to be seen by drivers who might not like your taste. Professionals will make sure that you have state-approved film placement in every vehicle to ensure that everyone is aware of what they're getting themselves into before they make an appointment.


However, the tinted glasses that are factory-made offer only a small amount of sun protection for your vehicle's interior and exterior.




A factory tint is offered on the majority of new trucks and SUVs. This is accomplished using the method of "deep dipping". A dark color is used to dye the glass.


In accordance with the state's window tinting laws, car manufacturers can only apply 15% to 26% of visible light transmission (VLT). Because it's used only for the back of the glass, this pigment does not stop harmful UV Rays. Side windows can remain unprotected.


Why should a reputable window A TINTING COMPANY GET employed?


For the best protection, professional tinting is provided by a reputable Window Installation Service.


Crystalline Automotive Window Film can be put in front side windows, the backside windows, as well as the rear windows by our technicians at AMB Auto Glass and Tint to assure your safety.


Here are a few reasons why window tinting San Diego by a professional is preferable to factory tint:


  • Heat Rejection up to the Limit

  • The Crystalline Automotive Window Film reduces the brightness and protects your vehicle, passengers, and yourself from the sun.

  • About 60% of solar energy gets rejected, as well as nearly 97% of the heat-producing infrared energy is rejected.

  • Let's light in while keeping heat out, improving your perspective.

  • Offers an overall Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000 for you and your passengers by blocking more than 99 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • Since it's a non-metalized film, you can keep your mobile device, GPS, and satellite radio connected without interruption.


While DIY kits are readily available, however, they're not ideal. Air bubbles and alignment issues are the results of improper installation, reducing the efficiency of the window tint.


Are tinted car windows an excellent idea or a bad idea?


Professional window tinting in San Diego is a good option for your car.


  1. It can improve the aerodynamics of your car making it more efficient in a fuel-mileage boost of 20%.

  2. Tinted windows can be used as well to cover any scratches to paintwork or marks left by scuffs from the outside.

  3. This protects the interior surfaces from UV damage, which makes them last longer.

  4. The high-quality film is able to be set up immediately without having to wait for weeks. Some companies may only offer weekend slots.

  5. It's less expensive than buying whole body kits

  6. They are less effective in reducing luminance levels below 400nm.


The approved window tinting San Diego experts can help you ensure the long-term durability of your tint. They create a custom design for you and then cut it to factory specifications using high tech computers. This guarantees the perfect fit.

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