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What is name numerology?

Dec 17

What is name numerology?

Name numerology is the study of numbers associated with names. Name numbers can provide information about the characteristics of a person, and there are several different methods to calculate name numerology. Name number meanings and significance vary depending on the method used and in some cases the order of a name in a family. There is no one right answer in name numerology, but it can provide useful information about yourself.

What about your name? Does it have any significance, or is it just a word that was invented by humans to identify each other? The answer is more complex than you might think.

Names, first and last, are meticulously chosen on day one of our time here on earth. For some religions the child is given their spiritual name on birth so that, when they have achieved that spiritual status in this life or in another, it is known. For others the name is chosen for its phonetics and meaning, which are always significant to the person who chooses it.

Some people find their name online, much to the chagrin of their parents no doubt! But there are many ways that name numerology is calculated, and you may be surprised at how much thought went into your name by your parents or yourself.

Within some religions there are some rules about what names are allowed; some faiths only allow certain types of names to be used while others forbid everyone but the clergy from giving children their own name for fear of egoism. But name numerology is not just about the name itself, it is also about the date of birth and other factors that play into a person's life.

How to calculate your number

Name numerology is simply a way of calculating the numerical value of letters in a name. The sum total of all the numbers in your name is your name number. This number can tell you a lot about yourself. 

Your name number can be reduced to a single digit, or in some cases, a double digit. The meaning of these numbers is also significant. 

The calculation of name numerology is not an exact science, but several methods can be used to come up with a name number. One of the most popular is to add together the numerical values of all the letters in a name. This sum total is your name number. 

Another popular method is to reduce all the letters in a name down to a single digit. The letter A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on until Z=26. Then the numbers are added together. For example, three A's in a name adds up to 9 (A=1, A=1, A=8) reduces down to the number 3.

If you use this method for your own name, you will likely come up with different name numbers if you do it more than once. This is because the calculation of name numerology is a very personal process.

Using this method you can also calculate your spouse's name number and children's names. You may find that they have the same or different numbers depending on their order in the family. 

Or view the video directly on Youtube: Name Numerology

Pythagorean system

Another popular method of calculating name numerology is to add up all the letters of the name and reduce it down to a single digit. For example, Emily would reduce down to the number 5. This method is based on the Pythagorean system of numbers. 

For some people, their name number reveals a lot about themselves while for others it may be less obvious. Whatever your personalized numerology returns, rest assured that you are not alone in your journey through life. 

Calculating your name number is a personal process that can help you to understand yourself and your place in the world a little better. There are many software programs and online calculators that will do the calculation for you, or you can use one of the methods described above. Whichever method you choose, it is important to use the name that is on your birth certificate, not a nickname. 

When you calculate your name number, keep in mind that it is only one part of the numerology equation. The date of your birth, life path number and other factors are also important in determining who you are and where you are going in life. There is no one perfect answer in numerology, but by using your name number as a starting point, you can begin to understand yourself and your place in the world a little better.