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Paulina Tarot Review

Dec 20

The Paulina Tarot is a lovely, light tarot deck created by artist Paulina Cassidy. Based on the Ryder-White tradition and using familiar handwriting, the deck is ideal for meditation and daily use. Its soft energy makes it easy to work with and perfect for people who don't want to feel overwhelmed by the symbols and images. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced reader, you're sure to find a new card in this light and beautiful tarot deck.

The Paulina Tarot features an elegant yet whimsical world filled with faeries, wise animals, and sacred plants. The illustrations have a Victorian theme, evoking a mystical Victorian age. Using the cards from this deck, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your inner world. Although there are elements of familiarity in the Paulina Tarot, it also offers a unique perspective.

The Paulina Tarot is a beautiful deck, both in the design and the style of the cards. Featuring fanciful characters with muted watercolors, this deck is a fun, unique way to get a personal reading. The cards feature a Victorian-inspired background, black outlines, and whimsical creatures. The artwork is a combination of vintage and modern styles, creating an engaging visual style. In addition to its uniqueness, the Paulina Tarot is also attractive and charming.

The Paulina Tarot is a fun and playful deck with lots of original imagery. This tarot deck is perfect for personal readings and is made up of a mix of muted watercolors, dream imagery, and classic feminine designs. You'll feel both spiritual and whimsical when you read the cards from this tarot. The Paulina Tarot is a great choice for people who like a fanciful, playful look.

The Paulina Tarot is a great deck to own. It is unique and beautiful. It is designed in a way that is pleasing to both novices and experienced readers. This tarot deck is a nice choice if you're looking for a new tarot deck. You'll enjoy it and love the artwork. You'll love it! You'll have so many questions that you'll be tempted to buy the deck for yourself.

The Paulina Tarot is a beautiful deck. It has traditional Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism and a Mardi Gras flair. The tarot characters are porcelain doll-like with Victorian-era clothing. While it has many similarities with the popular decks, it's a unique tarot deck that's both beautiful and meaningful. When you're searching for the right tarot deck, make sure you spend some time learning about how to read it!

The Paulina Tarot is a unique deck with a whimsical, Mardi Gras style. It's a great choice for people who are into the tarot world. Its seventy-eight cards are painted in watercolor. The artwork is gorgeous. The RWS symbols are well known and are easy to interpret, but the cards are more appealing than the average tarot.

The Paulina Tarot is a beautiful, intelligent, and voluminous deck of cards. The cards are presented in a book the size of a standard deck. The deck is made of wood and contains various kinds of animals. The majority of the tarot is made of ebony wood, which is more expensive than oak. It is also more durable than maple and other hardwoods. Aside from being beautiful, the Paulina Tarot is easy to read and has a classic, traditional style.

The Paulina Tarot is an intelligent, voluminous deck of cards. In fact, the cards are so beautiful and detailed that you'll be transported to a magical world. In addition to being a great tarot deck, you'll find the Paulina Tarot to be a valuable tool in your life. Its unique design makes it easy to understand and uses all the symbols for divination.

The High Priestess is a mysterious tarot card. A woman is hidden within a veil. The woman wears a white cloak and hides her eyes in darkness. A yellow sun arcs around her. The two images are similar in color and meaning. The high priestess is a powerful symbol of justice. It can symbolize the spirit of a priestess.

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