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Lovecoin Token Review - Why Lovecoin will hit $1/coin?

Oct 2

LoveCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin and Binance Smart Chain technology. Its intention is to spread love and encourage economic freedom globally. Its mission is to encourage acceptance of cryptocurrency by airdropping “LOVE” tokens worldwide while raising money and awareness for philanthropic causes. There are several factors that make it unique from other cryptocurrencies, let’s have a look at them.

Reasons why Lovecoin will gain mass acceptance

Free sign up
The success of any company or brand mainly depends on the acceptance by the primary user. The main weakness with the current cryptocurrencies in the market is that you have to buy them to use them. Cryptocurrency is a new industry, and most people will be reluctant to invest, especially those with zero past experience. As such, LoveCoin eliminates the need to buy tokens by giving 10,000 tokens for every free sign-up. This will attract several people since they’ll have an opportunity to own LoveCoins with no initial investment.

LoveCoin has also come up with a referral program, where every successful referral earns you 20,000 LoveCoins. So, the more referrals you make, the more LoveCoins you earn.

Mining LoveCoins
LoveCoin offers a crypto mining method called Proof of Activity to help anyone participate in mining LoveCoins. You only need to download the LoveCoin mining software and watch videos or browse the internet to mine.

Supporting Charities
After signing up, you can choose to support charities. LoveCoin has set aside 10% of the available LoveCoins to charity programs.

LoveCoin is a lifetime opportunity developed for people willing to spread their love using the digital space. The strategies they’ve put in place will guarantee mass adoption leading to growth and high demand of the cryptocurrency in the future.